BurgerHub - Best Burgers in Town

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Hello fellow steemians. Yesterday i visited burgerhub. Their tagline is "simply the best burger in town". And they are not joking around. They opened a new branch near my house. So i visited it with my friends.


Place was clean. Ambiance was great. Loved the way staff treated us. They were just opened, so they gave me 30% discount. I have been to their other branch before, even after the discount. Their taste didn't change.


Burger wqs great. Soft buns, their iconic sauce. They are of the few vandors in my city who give coleslaw too. I havent been to many places in Lahore who serve coleslaw.


I had a very great experience. And i will definately recommend others to visit this place.
Thanks for reading.

Restaurant Information

Plaza 37 Block DD Phase 4 Pakistan، DHA Phase 4 Sector CCA Dha Phase 4, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

BurgerHub - Best Burgers in Town
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