Finest Pizza I had in recent times

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Hi, everyone at tasteem, hope you all are having a wonderful time. So, I visited Papa Johns recently. News was in the air for quite a while that they are going to open a branch in Pakistan and finally they did.
Beautifully decorated place. lots of light and great customer service.


It was birthday of one of my friends. We went there in a group. So first of all we ordered Peri Peri chicken poppers These are a must have for spice lovers! They were spicy all the way through while still staying juicy and tender on the inside.

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Then we ordered pizza. and it was the best i had in recent times. Papa Johns cirtainly lived upto its name. Freshly made dough makes their hand tossed pizzas delicious, good quality of cheese and pizza sauce.



I would definately recommend this place to everyone. I had a very pleasent experience there.

Restaurant Information

Papa Johns
36, Z Sector Parking Area, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Finest Pizza I had in recent times
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