Burgrill - An experience worth sharing

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Hello my fellow tasteemians, Hope all of you are in good health.
So, I had midnight cravings. I then decided to go for a new place to eat something.
I searched burger at google maps. And it showed this burgrill with good reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars.

I decided to pay a visit there. I didn't had much high expectations.
smp_q3 (3).jpeg

It was not the biggest setup. But it was good enough.

smp_q3 (1).jpeg

They had this famous card board game called "LUDU" in there. It was a nice touch.

smp_q3 (2).jpeg

As i almost never visit a place alone. I went in with a friend. We ordered two of their good burgers.
One is below and the other one is attached as the display picture of this post. Both burgers were good in taste buns were fresh and patties were juicy aswell.

smp_q3 (7).jpeg

Other then the burgers we ordered thier famous fries. Below picture is of those fries, They had difficult to remember names. But they were tasty.

smp_q3 (6).jpeg

I ordered a shake and it was nice, Not the best i have ever had but it was nice.

smp_q3 (8).jpeg

Friend of mine ordered this icream brownie thing. It was good. Brownie was covered with chocolate and it tasted great. I was jelous that I didn't order this.

smp_q3 (4).jpeg

Overall a good experience. I was skeptical at first but BURGRILL turned out nice for me.

Restaurant Information

Sector FF Dha Phase 4, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Burgrill - An experience worth sharing
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the gravy :D lovely review, I found I started to love burger now

That burger makes me crave for one

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