Sri Ananda Bahwan - Rice on Banana Leaf

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One of my favorite cuisines has got to be the Indian cuisine. Their perfect balance of spices and exploding flavors really is my kind of comfort food.

Curry and rice, can't go wrong there.

This place serves some of the best dishes and curries I've ever had and I highly recommend it to whoever visits Malaysia. It's truly one of the best around town.


Mutton Vindaloo was truly another worldy experience. It was absolutely amazing. Creamy, heavy on the spices but well balanced. A little tangy from the vinegar, this potato and mutton dish was sublime.


Masala Tea. A spiced milk tea with garam masala. Really complimentary after a heavy rice and curry meal.


(treat and hanging out with friends)

Final Reviews:

Ambiance & Decor: 4 star
Taste & Flavor: 5 star++
Authenticity: 5 star

Price/Budget: (RM20-30 / USD 4-8)

Restaurant Information

Sri Ananda Bahwan
52, Penang St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Sri Ananda Bahwan - Rice on Banana Leaf
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That looks like a mean delicious banana leaf meal!