Refreshing Takeaway - KOI Thé

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After lots of walking at Sky Avenue yesterday, we gotta get some takeaway drinks to quench the thrist and give you a little bit of boost to continue the day.


We stopped by to get ourselves some milk tea at a place called KOI Thé. One of my brother's favorite and my first time trying. It was one of th best milk tea I've ever tried!


Buzzing place with loads of people queueing non stop.


My cuppa sharing with my wife. This is a honey milk tea with it's signature mini pearls which had an orangey hue to it.

Very nice! Although if I weren't sharing with anyone, I'd get mine without them pearls.


A little pricey but no regrets.


Final Reviews:

Ambiance & Decor: 4
Taste & Flavor: 5 star++
Authenticity: 4 star

Very good indeed especially after lotsa walking and needed a drink on the go. Highly recommended.


Restaurant Information

Level 4 TC - 15 & 16, SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Refreshing Takeaway - KOI Thé
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If it's that good, you should've bought yours 😁😁

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