Sri Paandi Curry House

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Breakfast is definitely something not to miss if you're wanting to get a good start to the day and fuel up your energy tank.

Sri Paandi Curry House serves up typical local Indian cuisine in Genting Highlands.

Chapati with various curry and chutneys are definitely something Sri Paandi serves and are good at.


Here are your vegetables to choose from if you're going for some heavy breakfast to accompany your chapati or roti with. Ladie fingers and cauliflower.


They're also well prepared for lunch and dinner with briyani as well as chicken varuvaal.


Chicken varuvaal is a dry curry chicken with lotsa spices and herbs. You gotta try some if you're ever here at Sri Paandi.


Thay also have other rice dishes with chicken and mutton as well. Lotsa varities all just from one place.

A Malaysian favorite and a place you gotta try if you want local Indian cuisine here in Malaysia and I'm sure it'll be one of your best breakfasts ever!

Restaurant Information

Sri Paandi Curry House
Genting Highland, Jalan Major Philip Lim, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Sri Paandi Curry House
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