Brazier Di Liddo

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Last night we had dinner in a small brazier in the historic center of Bisceglie, called Macelleria Di Liddo. It was not easy to find it because it was in a narrow street not very visible but as soon as we entered the butcher's shop, a nice meat counter appeared before our eyes. Behind the window there were several trays full of meat, sausage, skewers, meatballs and much more.

After choosing the various types of meat, we sat in the small room next to the butcher's shop. I was struck by how pretty, clean and tidy she was and the girls immediately brought us a bruschetta starter with tomato, olives, taralli and bread. Every 5 minutes or so the waitress brought us the meat dish which we enjoyed calmly and finished all the courses

At the end of the dinner they offered us a digestive and then they brought us the bill to pay at the cash desk. We paid 44.50 euros in two, not a little but not too expensive given the quality of the meat.

Restaurant Information

Macelleria Di Liddo
76011 Bisceglie, Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy

Brazier Di Liddo
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