Crema Caffè Dessert

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In the central square of Polignano a Mare there is a beautiful bar called Crema Caffè which prepares excellent desserts. The bar has a welcome room where you can enjoy sweets sitting at the table, in front of the counter. There is also a second adjacent room which is not large but very welcoming, where we sat.

I ordered a typical dessert from Lecce, the pasticciotto, normal cream and amarena filling but you can also order it in chocolate or in other variations. My wife instead preferred a cake filled with cream and sugar on the surface. In reality it was very difficult to choose among the many desserts present, one more beautiful and more tasty than the other.

There is also a part dedicated to ice cream, with a few flavors to choose from but all of excellent quality and fragrance. In the morning they bake exceptional croissants and croissants and breakfast sometimes becomes the best moment of the day

Restaurant Information

Creamat Caffè
Piazza Aldo Moro, 44, 70044 Polignano a Mare BA, Italy

Crema Caffè Dessert
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No, non posso vedere un pasticciotto sapendo di non averne nessuno a portata di mano...
Non si fà così :)

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