Cafè Code and a magic breakfast

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The Café Code is among the best places in my city to have your breakfast. The reason is simple: goodness of the product, kindness of the staff and beauty of the location. In addition, the Café is located in the center, easily accessible by public transport or on foot, as I always do.

The Café is small but very welcoming, clean and modern. Since 6 in the morning, a good flow of people is constantly pouring into the bar before work or after exercising. The showcase is always full of biscuits, brioches and cakes and for the sweet tooth there are single portions of tiramisu and cheesecake.

The coffee is very creamy and it is possible to choose from a restricted selection of blends from some parts of the world. There is no more beautiful time of day than sitting at a table and having a hearty breakfast.

Restaurant Information

Cafè Code
Piazza della Repubblica, 25, 76125 Trani BT, Italy

Cafè Code and a magic breakfast
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