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It's Saturday night and after dinner we went to eat a delicious dessert at the Chocolat bar. It is a small business specializing in chocolate: crepes, brioche, ice cream, biscuits, all strictly in chocolate, in all its variations. Recently, Chocolat has expanded and has a small internal room adjacent to the bar.

Before it was practically a takeaway and you could eat your dessert standing or on the few outdoor tables. I ordered a nutella crepes with cream and peanuts. My wife instead ordered coffee ice cream with cream and melted chocolate.

The dessert was really tasty and we were fully satisfied. Chocolat is located in a narrow street full of america bars and many young people in the late evening love eating a cake before returning home.

Restaurant Information

Via Ottavio Tupputi, 7, 76011 Bisceglie BT, Italy

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Caspita come si presentano bene questi piatti

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Wow. this looks all so delicious. I need one near me!