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The restaurant has been there for decades, according to my findings, the everything restaurant was first started with rice and bread.
It was notced that a man was loking for a food to buy in that environment around 10pm but he couldn't get anything but the next day he was moving around the environment and he saw a small sheld like hut and he branched, and he saw a woman and her two children- a boy and girl.
This man decided to eat in that small place, he discovered that the food is nutritious and palatable. this man keep coming to that place to eat foot because the place was not yet developed like today.
This young man was later became there customer, the man was later became rich man and travelled far away after many years, and he came back home again, he went to that place to check on them and hard that their mother was no more.
He decided to help them and he gave the two chindren a huge amount of money to start business, they built a well defined restaurant and started selling different type of local food then and God was blessing them.


After many years, they added another thing inside, this restaurant was not only selling food but invest in so many thing like men's and women's wears and many more like different types of ice cream.


Today, this restaurant is one of the best restaurant in my area, people from different places trooping in to by things. if you want to see foreigners in my environment, if you come to EVERYTHING restaurant, you will see foreigners there, that is there major place to buy everything.
When i went there today, i was marvelled for what i saw, i bought rice and stew inside takeaway and brought it to my office.


Restaurant Information

everything restaurant
Lagos, Nigeria

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