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Hello dear Steemians,
How are you recently? Hope you are doing well.
I had been long time never introduce the vegan food due to busy work schedule with some landscape projects. Today I would like to introduce you a great vegan restaurant that I had explored. It is located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

IMG20190615192918 copy.jpg

The restaurant is quite popular eating place for vegetarians. It was fully seated when I was visited.

IMG20190615192950 copy.jpg

The restaurant environment is quite comfortable and contented. The interior design concept would be bright and wooden. I like the wallpaper soft colour which’s matching with beige colour wooden furniture and seating.

IMG20190615184038 copy.jpg

Below the individual items for Mala Hotpot and Yong Tau Fu. They are well displayed and very clean.

IMG20190615184854 copy.jpg

Look at the menu. There are many choices of the vegan meals such as healthy mixed grains fried rice, bento rice set, pizza, burgers, spaghetti, appetisers, desserts and drinks.

20190615_182320 copy.jpg

20190615_182331 copy.jpg

20190615_182850 copy.jpg

20190615_182753 copy.jpg

Let me share with you the food we ordered:

IMG20190615190218 copy.jpg

Veggie delight Aglio Olio Spaghetti. The black pepper and spices makes the spaghetti fragrant and yummy. The price of this spaghetti is S$10.00.

20190615_184637 copy.jpg

Sky juice with lemon and mint. S$1.00 per cup.

IMG20190615191404 copy.jpg

Minced Omnipork meat and baby spinach pizza. It’s look like meat, but in fact it is real deal pea protein. This new food product making these quality plant-based meats for vegetarian friends. The pizza price is S$14, much affordably than usually find at decent restaurants.

IMG20190615185639 copy.jpg

This is my favourite Mushroom Satay! 6 yummy sticks with succulent peanut sauce with price S$8.00.

20190615_185758 copy.jpg

I like the peanut sauce as well. It is very tasty and not spicy at all.

IMG20190615185543 copy.jpg

The BBQ Monkey Head Mushroom is so tender and juicy inside with crispy outer. Really yummy!

Address: 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2495 Singapore 560532.
Operating hours: 10:30am - 09:30pm daily except Monday.

!steemitworldmap 1.3737578 lat 103.853738 long Food in the Woods D3SCR

Restaurant Information

Food in the Woods 小树林
532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560532

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Mushroom satay is my fav.

A great review as always. Thanks for sharing. @cherryng

Keep up your great work.

[Tasteem Global Supporter]

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Thanks @anggreklestari.

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Looks like a wonderful restaurant with great menu full of delicious choices. I would love to try that mushroom satay. Looks mouthwatering 😍

Thanks dear😘😘The BBQ mushroom is fresh, big and very yummy!! Especially eating together with the peanut sauce. Highly recommended!

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My pleasure Cherry! sounds really good. Maybe I should make it 😊

Yes dear Lena! Looking forwards to your cooking works😁

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Mmm looks yummy

thanks @cryptof

i've never tasted mushroom satay @cherryng. but i love fried enoki, it's delicious. and i think your mushroom satay must be also delicious :)

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Thanks @devyleona. It is fresh and big BBQ monkey head mushrooms. Delicious!

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u're welcome. great that u enjoyed it :)@cherryng

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That mushroom satay I have never seen or taste. And that's quite pricey too in terms of our currency. I guess when it taste good, that's fine. 😁 is new trend of bbq mushroom satay in vegan restaurants.. i'm sure you will like it as really taste good!!

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Wah, mushroom satay. For an avid satay lover, sure need to try this when I have the chance.

Thanks @kimzwarch. Yes, you should try this mushroom satay. It is much tasty than normal satay.

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I think penang got one serving mushroom satay! Haha last time I did a @tasteem post of the restaurant before.

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Yes @kimzwarch. Many vegan restaurant is serving this mushroom satay. I had tried before other vegan restaurant. This monkey head mushroom satay is really fresh, big and cripsy! Highly recommended.

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Look tasty!


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Thanks @tasteem

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I'm so curious now on how satay tastes like but judging by your photos it looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing this with us

Thanks @sgbonus

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