Surprisingly good pizza in Keszthely

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This Sunday, I visited Keszthely to take a look at the awesome castle in the center of the city, and simply to look around. Unfortunately, it started to rain cats and gods, and as a result, we escaped into a place where we could get cover from the rain.

The place we visited was Kekmadar Gyros Etelbar in Keszthely, a restaurant with quite a lot of different food on their menu, with good prices.


The place doesn't look like the best on the outside, and as I went to the inside and looked at the bar and what seemed to be the kitchen, I didn't expect this to be an experience i would remember.


But, we still ordered three different pizzas, and to my great surprise, they were actually very good. In other words, the pizza was much better than the average pizza you get served in most restaurants around the globe.


We tasted one gyros pizza, one with corn and salami, and one with ham and corn. They were all nice, and not only was the crust ideal, but the taste of the pizza sauce was good, and the ingredients themselves tasted very well.

In other words, a nice place to have a quick meal in the main street of Keszthely, near Lake Balaton.

Restaurant Information

Kekmadar Gyros Etelbar
Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos u. 2, 8360 Hungary

Surprisingly good pizza in Keszthely
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That's a different kind of pizza. I've never had some of those ingredients in a pizza before.

It was really nice :)

Looks great, one day I may taste it, who knows?

Hehe, if you ever end up in Keszthely, you might :)

yumy crunchy piza

What a great delicious looking pizza!

I love pizza. Good review and thanks for sharing

That looks soo good. THanks for sharing this with us