Very good ebed menus in Costa Rica in Balatonlelle (Hungary)

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Spending a summer holiday by Lake Balaton in Hungary can be an awesome experience. It is quite cheap to stay and reside here, and the restaurants are also running with great prices. But, be aware, the weather is quickly changing by Balaton, so when I am writing this, I am hiding from the rain (instead of enjoying the magnificent water of Lake Balaton).

Yesterday, we visited Costa Rica, a restaurant at the main square of Balatonlelle. During lunch time, they have awesome menus available costing around 4 Euro. They consist of a soup and a main course , and there are quite a lot to choose from.

costa rica 4.jpg

costa rica 3.jpg

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costa rica.jpg

costa rica restaurant.jpg

We tasted quite a lot of different courses, and personally, I went for the combination of ragout soup and fried mushrooms. It was really good, only for the exception that the portion wasn't that big. But, since I had the soup before the main course, it was nice.

I also tasted a fish course and a wiener schnitzel, and it all tasted very well.

Considering that this restaurant is located on the main square in a very popular summer city in Hungary, and that a menu only costs 4 Euro, I consider this to be a real treat worth checking out!

Restaurant Information

Costa Rica
Balatonlelle, Vasút u. 22, 8638 Hungary

Very good ebed menus in Costa Rica in Balatonlelle (Hungary)
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4 euros is good and cheap for a menu. Thank for sharing

Sounds like a great deal. It's great to find cheap places like that within a city.

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It would have been better if the portions were bigger. I hope that you enjoyed it there. THanks for sharing this with us and have a great day