Awesome and cheap Slovenia in Risto's Grill&bar

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Izola is a very nice pearl among the seaside of Slovenia, and I have eaten in quite a lot of restaurant. By average, a main course costs at least 10 Euro, and often more. But, that is what makes Risots Grill and Bar so interesting.

I have walked by the place several times, but I have always said that it looks so cheap, that it cannot be good. Once I did want to go there, but my friends said... NO, it cannot be good.



Traditional and nice main courses like the Cevapi and Plaskevice and the sardinia costs around 5-7 Euro, and it even includes fries. To make things even better, the fries are really crispy and much better than in most other places in Izola.

Of course, the waiter had a lot to do, so things didn't go very quickly, but considering that it was very cheap compared to every thing else in Izola, and at least, just as good... To be honest, I think it was much better than most other places, so I was very satisfied with the food.


I can warmly recommend this place if you want to dine in Izola. It is cheap, it is located next to the popular market, and it will let you taste the traditional popular courses.

If you come in the summer, you can sit outdoor (which is very nice)!

Restaurant Information

Ristos Grill and Bar
Smrekarjeva ulica 2, 6310 Izola, Slovenia

Awesome and cheap Slovenia in Risto's Grill&bar
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