Good and juicy pizza in Őrmező, Budapest

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I am incredibly happy about loving pizza. Not only because it is a delicious thing to eat, but also because it is one of the cheapest courses at any menu in a restaurant. In other words, you can normally eat much cheaper if you order a pizza (compared to other dishes), and a pizza is enough for several people.

That is why I sat down to eat pizza with some family and friends in Don Pepe in Örmezö in Budapest not long ago. The price of a pizza is about 6 Euro, and the size means that one pizza should be enough for 2 people (at least).


We also tasteed a padine, that is the one you can see at the cover photo. Based on my experience, I would say that the Piadina was just fine, but the pizza is very good. The ingredients are fresh, and the salami tastes very good at the salami pizza.


The place is also suitable for getting a nice drink, either a local wine, a local beer, or maybe a lemonade of some sort. Here you can see a picture of a raspberry lemonade we drank during our stay.



The restaurant is spacy, and there are seating available outdoors, and also quite a lot of tables available indoors. It is perfect for just dropping by and eating, as I have never come to the restaurant only to be sent away due to the place being packed.

So, a good place for a nice pizza dinner or lunch at any day of the week!

Restaurant Information

Don Pepe
Budapest, Menyecske u. 15, 1112 Hungary

Good and juicy pizza in Őrmező, Budapest
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That just looks so delicious