An okay place for lunch in Siofok, Hungary

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Last weekend, we stopped in Siofok to eat our lunch. It was a warm day, and we decided to eat in Chef Gyros and Hamburger, located very close to the main square in Siofok. The main courses has a price between 3-6 Euro (normally) and the portions are very nice and big.

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I didn't expect a lot from the restaurant, but I hoped it would be good. The biggest surprise to me was the hamburger which was way better than I thought it would be. I still know better places to eat a burger, but compared to my expectations, it was way better.

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On normal weekdays, they have lunch menus, and I believe this is a great place for such daily menus, meaning that the prices are lower, and you get a nice portion of food. But, if you come and just want to eat from the menu, this will also work well.

You have to order the food by the cashier, and then the food is given to you by the table not so long afterward.

The wiener schnitzel and the Cordon Bleu was nice in the restaurant, though not something I will remember for a long time.

My conclusion is... a nice place to eat some food, but not a place you will remember for a long time.

Restaurant Information

Chef Gyros & Hamburger
Siófok, Szücs u. 5, 8600 Hungary

An okay place for lunch in Siofok, Hungary
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