Vanilla and poppy seed cake

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Hungarians have quite interesting taste when it comes to sweets. In general I can say that I love the cakes and gastronomy of Hungary, but today's cake might almost be too much for me.

The Hungarian's love to use the poppy seed in gastronomy. That is, not for opium, but for eating and enjoying. Before Christmas they make cakes packed with poppy seeds, and as I visited Sutizz in Budapest, I noticed their very interesting Vanilla cake with Poppy seeds. Doesn't that sound like an awesome/interesting combination?


Doesn't this look like a fantastic combination? The vanilla floating on the inside of the cake is awesome, and I can eat vanilla without limitations (almost).


Sutizz is a modern confectionary in Budapest with a lot of cakes. Not only the traditional cakes, but also a lot of newly thought, creative cakes, just like the poppy seed cake with vanilla that I have just written about. If you want to grab some interesting and good cakes, this is a nice place. And since we are in the middle of the summer it is nice to know that this place is perfect for cold ice cream as well!

Restaurant Information

Budapest, Neszmélyi út 82, 1112 Hungary

Vanilla and poppy seed cake
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It is a very interesting combo. I wish I could taste that too.