Kisu Sushi Restaurant.

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Chef of 25 years of Japanese cuisine experience (According to teacher Yoya Matsumoto - one of the 10 famous Japanese Master Sushi).
Coming to Kisu Sushi restaurant, guests will be stepped into a world of unique sushi and sashimi such as sushi on the edge, red salmon sushi, salmon belly sushi, tuna belly sashimi, Wagyu beef sashimi ...

Kisu Sushi offers a delectable menu of Japanese cuisine. These are sushi, sashimi, grilled dishes, noodles ... are all distilled for guests to enjoy can feel what is the essence of Japanese cuisine.
Come to this place, how can you ignore the mesmerizing sashimi. Simple dishes but very picky from raw materials, processing to the way to enjoy. Accordingly, all kinds of fresh fish are imported from Tsukji - the most famous fish market in Tokyo and then undergo strict preservation process to bring customers the freshest taste, the most complete. Perhaps so, among many different Japanese restaurants, Kisu Sushi is still a gourmet Japanese cuisine destination chosen by many Hanoi guests.
Enjoy a piece of salmon sashimi, or fish painted with red Japanese ... you will feel the fresh crisp fresh meat, the sweet characteristic of each type of seafood mixed with the pungent of mustard on the go. Always on the tip of the tongue. The goodness of Kisu Sushi Restaurant is that beside the popular and familiar sashimi, there are many unique sashimi dishes for guests to explore such as: Wagyu beef sashimi, tuna belly sashimi, white fish sashimi ...

Not only are the dishes with Japanese flavors, the space at Kisu Sushi Restaurant is also Japanese in every detail. Inspired by nature, along with the harmony of heaven and earth in traditional architecture, you will feel the typical Japanese architecture in the restaurant.
Looking to simplicity in design, Kisu Sushi uses wood with light brown tone to mainstream bring the close, familiar. The restaurant also knows how to create accents, the stylized in raw materials such as wood, wood, bamboo ... just as gentle as something deposited, surprisingly quiet.



Restaurant Information

Kisu Sushi Restaurant.
65c Trần Quốc Toản, Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Kisu Sushi Restaurant.
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