Best pho in Cebu

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The only place I want to get pho in a very affordable price. I always come whenever I crave for pho. The best food that I like in vietnam. which we also have in Philippines. The taste will leave you speechless I mean they really cooked well especially the beef it really tasty you can feel it in your tongue. it will satisfy your craving.


I will never get tired of eating this delicious pho. thanks to this very simple but worth for money. I also like the spring rool from this restaurant so I might get two next time.

see you next time.

Restaurant Information

Vietnamese food
Garden Bloc, Inez Villa St, Apas, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Best pho in Cebu
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Can you send me some of that here in Baguio? hahaha,. That looks so delicious. I hope when I visit your place I'll be able to eat that too. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Hi. . If the courier allow me to send this pho to you. I will definitely do it. Hehe. Thank you for voting my post. Btw! Where do you live in baguio?

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You would? hahhaha. Anyway you're welcome, It's better to help our nation first. I live in Camp 7

Wow sarap naman nyan ate 😊

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Lagi gang. . Mangaon ta. Hehehe

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Hehe ..tara teh😊

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welcome back madam. nah jud si tasteem hahah

Thank you madam. Check out my new post nalang hehehe. 😘

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