Craving for Pho

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My friend and I decided to eat something fresh and healthy. We both love soup with herbs in it. Pho is perfect choice for us. So I said that I will take him to my favourite vietnamese restraurant in Ayala mall. He seems very excited to try. I swear to him no regret of choosing.


My friend goes crazy after seeing the Pho on the table while i cannot wait to eat it. I have been here many time and I always come back cause it is very delicious Pho. Whenever I ate here it always remind me of Vietnam.

We ordered the regular bowl of Pho. The noodle taste really good and meaty full of freshness. I love the fragrant of thia basil leaves and fresh ginger roots.

And for that I cannot wait for the next visit.

This restaurant serve the best Pho in Cebu and I like there service too. Thank you. Till my next visit.

Restaurant Information

Phat Pho
Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces, G/F, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Craving for Pho
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Makes me want to have some. There is a new pho place here in our town that I wanted to try.

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Love Pho! Probably one of the best soups in the world! :)

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