Best Okonomiyaki, Sachi in Cebu

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I thought they will serve a pancake, it looks like. This is the best seller Okonomiyaki. The taste is surprising very delicious. It is an extraordinary.


I ordered pork and squid okonomiyaki. I really like it so much. I actually keep coming for this.


First try a dumpling like this served differently. My friend told me dumpling with wings. It sounds interesting! Well, taste good and savory.


This is Karaage for me very plain really nothing special.


To be honest, the only restaurant I visit whenever I crave for okonomiyaki. My friend and I really enjoyed the food here.

Thank you , see you again.

Restaurant Information

Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen and Okonomiyaki
Ayala Center Cebu, 176 Archbishop Reyes Ave. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Best Okonomiyaki, Sachi in Cebu
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Long time no see! Looks good!

Heya @markvance yes. Long time no see here. How's it going on?

Yummy! 😋 I miss all the food in the Philippines! Okonomiyaki is so good! Don't even have to go to Japan for that :p


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Hi Gwapa, Happy thanks giving! Stay awesome and cool.. have fun always. Hugs

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