Super bowl, super full breakfast

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I will take you to my favorite breakfast spot inside the mall. From the day that my friend introduced me to this organic juice bar, I can't stop going since then. I really like this super bowl even not breakfast time I eat this every time I visit. I'm not sure why but the cereal and that mango, banana, cacao on top are very special to me.

They're not just offering this but also organic drinks. Here is suit place for me cause am very conscious about healthy diet.

Have a look on the menu.



And so I bumped with these guys. So we also have try the other food like this:







It taste delicious, healthy and satisfying.


Thanks to very healthy food. We really enjoying. Till next visit.

Restaurant Information

Toniq Juice Bar
Ayala Center Cebu,, 176 Archbishop Reyes Ave. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Super bowl, super full breakfast
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Well now I’m hungry.

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Me?I can't stop being hubgry while posting this. 😂

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It's very nice to see a healthy food alternative to all the fast food restaurants that focus on speed and economy rather than healthy food. I'd probably order what you always get, the super bowl looks both healthy and delicious! Nice review and thanks for sharing this get great healthy restaurant.

They must be delicious :)

This food looks very good ... I think I try go find it also 😊👌🌟🍴

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