Weekly Choice Spicy Taste : Ayam Geprek

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Ayam Geprek means chicken that was beaten with a tool until flat. She said the secret of the savory taste is ime to fry the chilli ingredients leave the ingredients intact and do not need long. Fried chicken until it's really crispy


Boiled chicken, then fried with a layer of flour mixed with seasonings, so soft and savory, which then on top of the chili sauce beaten until flat, it feels spicy but soft meat texture.


It was served on a plate with white rice, sliced cucumbers, kul leaves, and celery leaves. At first glance it looks like fried chicken, but it tastes different, soft and savory with a spicy taste.


The hot afternoon atmosphere, although spicy, is still refreshing to be enjoyed in the grove of trees 🌴 in the lesehan warung Pidada VII, Chicken and Spicy Indonesian culinary.

Restaurant Information

Lesehan Ayam Geprek Pidada
Jl. Pidada VII B, Ubung, Kec. Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Weekly Choice Spicy Taste : Ayam Geprek
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