Noodles : Mie Ayam Bakso Solo

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This solo meatball chicken noodle, a simple place to the east of the photocopy place, is small, there is only one fan to dispel the heat during the day, but it is crowded to visit, because it is clean and has fast service.


The texture of the meatballs and noodles feels soft. Yellow noodles, spinach vegetables, meatballs with sliced ​​soy sauce chicken, watered with chicken broth, the taste does not need to be asked because it certainly makes you addicted.


The flavor of the meatball may is very mild but still tastes delicious on the tongue. It is certainly suitable for you who don't like thick meatball soup.


Besides being delicious, the menu is also sold at low prices. A bowl of chicken meatball may, only needs Rp10. 000.00 was a total shopping together with a portion of 2 bowls of additional chicken meatballs 2 crackers, 1 dumpling, 1 Lontong, and 2 Ice Oranges.

Restaurant Information

Mie Ayam Bakso Solo
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.189, Sumerta Kelod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80239, Indonesia

Noodles : Mie Ayam Bakso Solo
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Here these noodles are getting into a kind of roadside food....every stall on the road started to keep noodles for the customer

yes right bro

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Thanks for sharing this with us and have a greta day

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