Haku - Coffee - Tea - Cake

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Haku is a milk tearestaurant including milk tea and cake ^^ Haku is a milk tea shop popular with students because of its relatively cheap price and good taste of tea.


I like Balck Pearl Sugar milk tea, One week I went to Haku restaurant once.
I always call my friend here, we have a common hobby of drinking milk tea.


Restaurant space:
Haku has two floors, haku decorated with yellow light system to feel relaxed comfort.
Talking about decor is like milk tea. Space is small but Haku has 2 floors. So even when crowded, there are still seats.Haku has all kinds of tea milk from traditional tea, fruit tea to milk tea. Do you see? Haku milk tea cup is beautifully designed and very luxurious ^^

1 cup of milk tea cost 30,000 VND equivalent to $ 1.3


In addition to selling herbal tea, Haku also sells Tokbokki, This is Korean food.

address: số 37 đường 2 - Mai Đình- Sóc Sơn - Hà nội. ❤️

Restaurant Information

Haku - Coffee - Tea - Cake
Mai Đình, Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Haku - Coffee - Tea - Cake
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Hi there,
can you please explain why the table at the restaurant look different on every picture?

How many times did you changed table? This is not very common isn’t it?

What the reason?

Hello @siamcat
All the picture was taken by me and I took all of this image in Haku.
I have been to this restaurant 8-9 times. and the photos were taken at different times
The restaurant has 2 floors, there are 2 different types of tables. white table and yellow table. You can check out the photos on Facebook of this restaurant. You will find the restaurant has two different types of tables.
thank you !



And you changed tables very often?
Many people don’t change tables many times at the restaurant. However, if this is your explanation, it’s acceptable. Remember that all the pictures must be taken from the same day of your visiting. You can’t use pictures from several visiting and add them in one review.

Hi @siamcat

Can you delete this warning? Because I have proven and answered your quétion.
100% of the images in this post are mine.( by @anfood) And here are the exclusive restaurants, in the world only 1 restaurant.
Thank you!


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Toi yeu tra sua. I love milk tea. So delicious. Here's an upvote.

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