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Hello Steemit community and Tasteem community!

I am very happy with the new theme of the contest. I have read about 5 posts on this topic by Tasteem, I see people seem to have mistaken the topic.


Before, I was confused by some topics, but now, I always read carefully the requirements of the contest. This week's contest is called: Beverages with friends


The requirement of this theme is; review drinks (cafe', bars, club , milktea)!!


I would recommend a dairy tea restaurant that I love. I hope you will come to this restaurant, I believe that you will like the taste of this milk tea.


The milk tea restaurant in this article is named: Beautea - Tea and Coffee


Beautea is a creative name that is composed of the word Beauty and Tea, which is a great play. BeauTea was built on the new urban area of Soc Son, Soc Son is a suburban area of Hanoi. When mentioning Soc Son, we will remember the Noi Bai airport, the temple, or even the poor mountain. These are the comments that I heard from my friends. However, now Soc Son is entering the renovation period, many urban projects are being built up, besides entertainment services are also developed.


On the weekend, I often accompanied my best friend to this restaurant to drink milk tea. We like the taste of milk tea here because of the variety of drinks menu.


This urban area has 20 cafes, milk tea, over a dozen bars or snacks. Many restaurants like this, but i still loyal to milk tea "Beautea".
Because this milk tea is quite cheap but very tasty and safe.


my feeling about the drink

The price of a full cup of milk tea ranges from 23,000 VND to 30,000 VND.


All kinds of topping for people to choose from:
White Pearl
Black Pearl
Egg pudding
Aloe vera
Coconut jelly
Milk cream
There are milk tea as:

orange lemongrass, lime, kiwi, mint,
Peaches, litchi, mango, guava, grapes, blueberries
This is the melon milk tea:

Traditional tea, the price is 15.000 VND (excluding topping).


restaurant space

  • The restaurant has more space than other dairy tea restaurants.


  • Beautifully decorated restaurant, with seating and chairs.


  • Outside the restaurant also has seats (suitable for gathering class to drink water) .. look like this decoration you remember the photos of his childhood, also light, also have friends and there is also such space.


specific address : Số 27 khu đô thị mới , thị trấn Sóc Sơn, Tp.Hà Nội


Photos taken by @anfood!


Restaurant Information

Beautea - Tea and Coffee
Sóc Sơn, Hanoi, Vietnam

Beautea - Tea and Coffee
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Hi there,
can you please explain why the table at the restaurant look different on every picture?

How many times did you changed table? This is not very common isn’t it?

What the reason?

Hi @siamcat

Please check facebook milk tea restaurant beauty 🤭

This is the main facebook restaurant. The restaurant has 3-4 different table types. I came to this restaurant at different times. But all the pictures in the article were taken at Beauty and Photo by me

Don’t use old pictures at the post and don’t mix old pictures and new pictures together in one post. Only use the pictures from your last visiting at the restaurant. If you do this again, we will have to cancel your reward in the future.

I first heard this rule. Thanks !

Hi @siamcat .

Can you clear this warning? Because I have proven and answered your questions😊
Thank you!

Hi anfood, the warning stays because you add old pictures and new pictures to your post.
However, thank you for your explanation, please don’t do this again in the future.

Actually it was stupid mistakes because I did not understand the rules

I am feeling anxious. :( Because when I have 3 times warning I will be cancel-vote

the first time. I have 2 warnings for "blind date". I think it was the day I met my friends and we went out to eat. The "blind" has two meanings, and I misunderstand the meaning of the word.
2.I have 1 warning because of lack of food image of a restaurant.

Just becareful from now. We GL team is very strict to the rules and we are very effective. Yes, of you next mistake, your reward will be canceled. My team counts all your warning together and the list is quite long 😊


Thank you for entering our <Beverages with friends> Contest . Thanks to @anfood, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

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