TUẤN HIỀN( traditional Vietnamese cakes)

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Hello Steemit community and Tasteem community!
I am a student and I always want to find a cheap and good quality food restaurant.I would like to review a fried cake restaurant - it's the fries cake everyone likes.These are:



Vietnamese crepe – Bánh xèo
Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake – Bánh bột chiên
Girdle-cake – Bánh tráng
Shrimp in batter – Bánh tôm
Pillow cake - Bánh gối


In addition, the restaurant also sells lunch and dinner with various mosna meals. The price of a box of rice is 30,000 VND equivalent to 1.3 USD.


The restaurant is in the market, the market sells clothes, jewelry, shoes, food.


I order :
2 Pillow cake
2 spring roll
total : 32.000 VND


The market has many eateries but this is the cleanest and most delicious restaurant


Photos taken by @anfood!


Restaurant Information

TUẤN HIỀN( traditional Vietnamese cakes)
QL3, Phủ Lỗ, Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội, Vietnam

TUẤN HIỀN( traditional Vietnamese cakes)
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You mentioned on your VN post about takeaway service, which has nothing to do with your experience, eating at the restaurant. I will have to cancel your reward. Please make sure you understand about the concept of Tasteem, you have received too many warnings from our team already. For your next mistake, we will cancel your reward.



Thank you for entering our <Your weekly choice > Contest . Thanks to @anfood, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

Did you just buy food to eat at home? I don’t see the picture of your food at the table here. Takeaway service is not included to a restaurant review.

Do you see a food box? This restaurant gives food to the foam box and does not put food on a plate.😂They are too lazy to wash a plate

Aha! usually this foam only uses for takeaway service. I will have my supporter invested on this matter. Remember, takeaway service has nothing to do with a restaurant review.

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