Bún Ngọc Lan Quán

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Hello my friends on Steemit and Tasteem-vn :D i want review restaurants and review blog i like, hope you like this!:D


The place I would like to recommend is: "Ngoc Lan Quan", this restaurant is quite clean, opposite kindergarten. There are many eaters here. I found a decisive decision to eat here. Because this restaurant is the most crowded.


In picture is bowl of vermicelli 30,000 VND, there are 7 pieces of meat in the bowl. Taste very tasty, tender and sweet. Do you find this dish cheap? You only need $ 1.2 to eat this dish.


In the corners must be the whole table is stainless steel, the left is wooden furniture. I like to sit in the wood table, the food is also looking ''beautiful" than 😅


Addition of the restaurant:

The meat is baked on charcoal, flavored marinated delicious, inexplicably soft meatballs
The restaurant is clean, airy space, large capacity.


Here also sell shrimp noodles, vermicelli, chicken noodle, mixed bun.. I will eat the last day.


The average price of items from 20.000 VND - 30.000 VND, because i call full barbecue = 30,000 VND 😋 you can to order the rate of 20,000 VND

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Restaurant Information

Bún Ngọc Lan Quán
38 Xuân La, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Bún Ngọc Lan Quán
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