Ngoc Quynh Beach Restaurant - Co To Island, Quang Ninh

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Co To tourism has become a wise choice for many young people to enjoy, or families needing a restful space. Here are all the experience hacks for your most economical trip.

Canoeing means that you have chosen for yourself the joy of watching the sunrise on the island that was in the sign of Nguyen Tuan, and anxiously waiting for the sunset to see the sun shine on the island Co To.


Moreover, you can admire the pealit beach in Thu My Bridge, which still preserves many features of the tectonic population of nature.

There are many beach restaurants with delicious and nutritious dishes, especially here I would like to mention the Ngoc Quynh beach restaurant.


Ngoc Quynh beach on the beach, the lot No. 6 - the most beautiful beach of Co To Island has long been active and rich services. The restaurant offers a variety of dining options including karaoke on the beach, team building on the beach. The difference from other restaurants is the spacious space.


There is a team of chefs cook very delicious, meet all the requirements of guests both in the hotel and outside guests want to order beach BBQ. The food here is always fresh, reasonable price, attentive service, dedicated




In addition, many tour groups come here to order food and set up the theater for the delegation.

Restaurant Information

Ngoc Quynh Beach Restaurant
tt. Cô Tô, Cô Tô, Quảng Ninh, Vietnam

Ngoc Quynh Beach Restaurant - Co To Island, Quang Ninh
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