West lake food

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On holidays, my top choice is to go to the lotus lake restaurant.Buffet has long been popular in Europe, debuted in the 17th century in France. With a new form of eating, rich in menu, sophisticated in form and quality in each dish.


With a team of skilled and professional staff, we confidently pioneered the way, determination. Put on the list of Vietnamese cuisine a completely new dining style.Boasting the largest buffet restaurant chain in Vietnam, SEN restaurant system offers lunch and dinner buffet with rich menu including more than 150 dishes in 3 regions, Asian and European dishes. , baked goods and Japanese ... Now, you will no longer have to wonder between hundreds of thousands of brands to eat, because even a simple dinner between relatives, friends, All of our customers are welcome to join us. We are able to meet all the diversified needs of our customers.

sen 6.jpg

sen 5.jpg



The price of food is 300 000 VND equivalent to 14 USD

Restaurant Information

West lake food
Lạc Long Quân, Hà Nội, Vietnam

West lake food
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