Hong Kong Tasteem (8) - Chinese Breakfast, Congee and ZhaLiang

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Time to introduce food! I usually have breakfast at home, but today I went outside for breakfast. So let me try a traditional cantonese breakfast: congee and ZhaLiang.



Congee is one of the most traditional food in China since 4000 years ago. It is a porridge of rice with different foods as ingredients. In China, we have different style of congees in different region. In Hong Kong (Cantonese), rice is boiled completely to break down and the congee is fairly think and white. It’s one of the most common congee in Hong Kong: congee with pork and century eggs.



A bowl of congee is not enough for me so I ordered a ZhaLiang also. What is ZhaLiang? You should know Chinese rice needle roll and Chinese fried dough. Zhaliang is a mix of the two. In 1940, Guangzhou was invaded by Japan. People were poor. So Restaurants in Guangzhou mixed the two dishes and let people to enjoy both dishes in cheaper price. Now, ZhaLiang is spread all over Cantonese community.



The breakfast costed me HK$36. Cheap but good! Delicious foods are not only in expensive restaurants. Check the small shops around you. You will be surprised!


Restaurant Information

Hong Kong, Chai Wan, 柴灣漁灣邨漁灣街市大廈1樓1號檔

Hong Kong Tasteem (8) - Chinese Breakfast, Congee and ZhaLiang
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It looks great choice for breakfast.

Thanks for sharing with Tastem



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Looks yummy! I wish I could change my bad habit and stop eating sweet things in the morning :( Enjoy and have a nice weekend :)

haha it's really not a good habit

I am trying my best believe me :( You know sugar is a kind of drug !

How cool! They surely taste delicious, I have to go on a trip to China, this time I will visit 湖南 , can you recommend a dish from that province?

em...I am not familiar with Hunan food...I will recommend thiese:

Sugar oil baba - a street food made of sticky rice and brown sugar 糖油粑粑

Stinky tofu 臭豆腐


crawfish 小龙虾

Chop bell pepper fish head 剁椒鱼头