Quan Ty Sun -“” Street stalls.””

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This is my favorite street stalls. I usually eat snacks here on holidays, sometimes I do not want to blog, I'm going to eat here.The street stalls are only open in the evening from 7 pm to 12 pm where we meet with friends. This is the food for students, this restaurant has a lot of teenagers to eat. Around 9 pm - 11 pm is the most crowded time. But I usually eat at 7 am because I do not eat at home.


There are many delicious and cheap dishes:

  • Boiled Snall with lemon leaf = 15.000 VnD = $ 0.6
  • Spring rolls = 40.000 VnD = $ 1.6
  • Grilled fish = 50.000 Vnd = $ 2.3
  • Sweet green bean gruel = 15.000 VnD = $ 0.6
  • Roasted Sweet Snail with tamanind= 20.000 VND = $ 1.9
  • Fried Snail with chilli& citronella = 50.000 Vnd = $ 2
  • soft drinks, carbonated drinks, energy drinks = 10.000 VND = $ 0.4
  • fried corn = = 40.000 VnD = $ 1.6
  • French fries = = 40.000 VnD = $ 1.6
  • grilled chopped fish= = 40.000 VnD = $ 1.6
  • Fried shrimp = 40000 Vnd = $1.6
  • Boiled quail eggs = 40.000 VND (20 quail eggs)=$ 1.6
  • Roasted quail eggs with tamanind = 50.000 VND 20 quail eggs)=$ 2.3
  • Leg of chicken grill = 12 VND / 1 Leg of chicken grill = $0.6

Snail Sauce is a secret recipe to make a brand snail..

Sometimes I buy food to go home, I like the feeling of eating and watching movies at home.





Review about food :

  • snail delicious, fragrant, clean
  • Grilled chicken legs are delicious because they are seasoned. Every time I and my lover eat 10 Grilled chicken legs
  • Spring rolls is big, more fat.
  • As a pavement restaurant should space airy, we sit outside.


I hope you will come here to try these dishes

Review by @-alice

Restaurant Information

Quan Ty Sun
Phú Minh, Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Quan Ty Sun -“” Street stalls.””
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First: I want you to add the real address of the restaurant with the exact Nr.
Second: Your post contain false information, This restaurant calls (based on the picture) 'Quan Ty Sun'
Third: I want you to explain why you moved from the blue table to wood table?

Change the information soon, if not I will have to hide you post!


Hello. All this pictures are mine. Why do you comment in my post?I write in English and I do not copy


read my article. I wrote: "048D9605-A78C-476D-8DB3-C99303B10EC8.png’’
I bought food at this Ty Sun and eat at home.
That's why you see the wooden table

All my addresses are correct

"Quan" is meaning the equivalent of "street stalls ". "Therefore, the name of this address is read as" Ty Sun "
Anyway, I'll add the word "quan" to the name of this place. However I want you to understand that "quan" = Street stalls ( I just transcribed Vietnamese into English) 🙂
Street Stalls - Not the name of this eatery. This is a "street stalls” style in Vietnam. You do not understand the “street stalls “ style ???

For example, a restaurant called "Thai Hot Pot Restaurant". However, I can write "Thai hot pot"
The word "Quan" can be dropped.


Hi @a-alice
we have to be able to track both, restaurants and address. If you add the name which doesn’t belong to the restaurant to your post, we will not be able to track the source anymore. For the future, only correct restaurant name and address.

I am not really sure about your case, buy food to takeaway and eat at home, is included to the restaurant review. For this I will have to discuss more with my team, for the further information, I will let you know.

For the future use only picture of your food , because you really eat and taste that food.


Hi @siamcat

Yes I will note this. However there are some restaurants too small and not on google. what will you do?
All photos and food in this post were taken by me :. I think you and your team can add rules: food must be taken at the restaurant


You are right Alice! If the restaurant is too small, then add the closes address as possible to the restaurant , explain about this issue on your post. Very important is, take a picture of you at the restaurant, so we can really see that you were there😊


thanks for reminding. In the future posts,I will be careful and take care of my writing more.😊


Great Alice, we are looking forward to see your good post in the future😊

bigg menu ..injoy the food ......


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