Kerala Aviyal

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Avial or Aviyal is traditional side dish serve as an accompaniment to rice it is consider as an estimate side dish of a sadya especially onam sadya (a traditional vegetarian banquet) Aviyal has a unique position in Kerala as well as Tamil is a mixture of all vegetable except soft and pulpy vegetable you can include or exclude a vegetables depending on the availability.

  • Ingredients

    1. raw plantain
    2. Elephant foot yam
    3. Drumstick
      4)Ash ground
    4. potato
    5. French beans
    6. Snake ground
    7. Carrot
      9)Green chillie
    8. Turmeric powder
      11)Grated coconut
    9. Cumin seeds
    10. Curry leaves
    11. Shallot
    12. coconut oil
      18)salt- to taste
  •                     METHOD
  1. wash the vegetable very well.peel the skin and cut the vegetable into2 inch length wise

  2. slice Green chillies

3)cook the vegetable in a convered vessiel by adding Green chillies, water,salt and Turmeric powder on low flame till it tender and dry and also face carre to prenatal it from

4)crush the Shallot and mix it with coconut oil.

5)grand Grated coconut and cumin seeds by adding by few water into a coursely paste.

6)Add the ground paste into the looked vegetable along with Curry leaves and combince it well. Heat in alow flance for 3 minutes

7)Pour lightly beaten curd to this and mix it remove from the time add coconut oil- Shallot mix and combince it.

8)Serve Aviyal as an accompaniment to nice.

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