Votebot Status: ON

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Votebot Status: ON


From time to time the votebot supporting steemians from this account will have to be paused or the vote ammount adjusted. I have decided it would be best to update the status of the votebot regularly so people know why voting has paused.

When the votebot is paused some steemians, including friends and family of @taskmanager as well as the #upfundme intiative may still receive regular support. Access vote power (anything over 98%) will also be sold to minnowbooster to help pay for steem delegations to this account.

Holders of the TASKMANAGER Bitshares Token

Holding 50 taskmanager grants a 1% post vote, if you have more than 50 TASKMANAGER in your bitshares account use the comment section below to contact me so you can prove ownership of your TASKMANAGER and get your vote weight adjusted. If you are currently receiving more than 1% vote congratulations, I must like you.

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I hold 50 taskmanager tokens. I sent 1 BTS in a memo to you with this STEEM account. Also upvoted and resteemed.

how to joined this?
how much is 50 taskmanager?

Thanks bro I love your all posts @taskmanager <3

Im currently holding 50.127 taskmanager.
How to apply for bot?

send a small amount of any asset to task-manager within bitshares using your steemit name as the memo

0.01 BTS sent.


Putting your TASKMANAGER up for sale at any time may result in removal from the votebot system.

How to join this @taskmanager Can you give us some ideas?

Thank you for your controbution.@taskmanager.nice to know you.

Hey, I have a question. Is it 1% upvote for every 50 taskmanger tokens that I hold? And how many posts get upvoted every day?

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