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Hi everyone,

Here's a simple YooDoo task which anyone can participate in. Please read the guidelines and instructions carefully before your participation.

This task has a short duration window, so don't delay if you are going to participate.


English only.

Product / service review

Creative blog writing / product review / infomercial


Every blog (or Vlog) that meets YooDoo requirements & guidelines mentioned in this blog will be rewarded with upvotes based at our own discretion.
Top 5 content pieces will get 100% upvotes.
You can use any STEEM UI to publish your review.
If you're publishing a vlog, upload it to 3speak or YouTube

NOTE: Maximum 2 submissions per person is allowed strictly. A submission is either a blog or a vlog.


Start date: 04 - NOV - 2019
End date: 07 - NOV - 2019 (Time: 1200PM GMT)



The outcome of this task is to create a professionally written blog which talks how thinking about lead validation in a different way can benefit businesses, and specifically digital marketing agencies to track, manage and optimise their marketing campaigns.

At the end of the blog, it needs to be tied into the Databowl solution, including links to the website, their twitter account and so on, and a call to action to readers from Digital Marketing agencies and end-user companies to visit the Databowl website and request a free demonstration or more information.

The blog doesn't have to be too complicated or in depth, just an overview of why an agency or business would find it extremely valuable to have a multi-levelled real-time validation process as well as an all in one solution for lead management, affiliate tracking and landing page builder.

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS – Background Research
Databowl provides an all in one solution for Lead Management, Affiliate Tracking and Landing Page Builder combined into one simple software solution. With an innovative predictive “lead scoring” algorithm that constantly analyses all sales and rejections, enabling prioritisation of the hottest leads.

Here are some resources to find out more about the company:

  • Go and take a look at the Databowl Website.
  • An excellent example of the style of blog which is likely to do well in this task can be found here
  • Have a look at this Blogpost.
  • Videos about Databowl here



  • Use the following tags: Marketing | Leads | Databowl | Affiliate | You can use other tags if you like.
  • Post your blog to the #Social-Watering-Hole our discord server
  • Share your STEEM blogs/vlogs on Twitter & Medium with hashtags mentioned in the task below. Submit the proof of social shares in #Social-Watering-Hole channel of YooDoo's discord. Upvote & resteem this post now if you are planning to participate.
  • Do not put any reference to YooDoo on the blogs or say hello to your friends...Be ultra professional!
  • Have at least one picture on the blog. Make sure it is Creative Commons or original, and an appropriate picture for the blog. Pixabay and other free stock image sites are a good place to find free to use images if you need, and do make sure you attribute your images properly.


    Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc.
  • Keep your image sizes less than 200KB per image.
  • The length of the article should be between 400 to 1000 words.
  • In case you are submitting a video, Please mention its link in the post. 2-4 mins long.
  • Share your content on various social media websites and spread the word as much as you can without spamming.
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Original content only. Plagiarism of any sort will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.



    • Do a Google search / watch youtube videos about how to tweet effectively!
    • Make sure there is a picture on your twitter profile.
    • Put a reasonable amount of text in the body of your tweet in order to stop it looking like spam.
    • Make sure formatting is the same for your whole tweet. Changing text and style of tweet makes it seem spammy.
    • Make sure your title is relevant to your tweet - mentioning words in the tweet title that are not relevant to the body of the tweet is confusing and will be mistaken as spam.

    DO NOT:

    • Do not put too many tags, this looks like spam and can get you banned from twitter.
    • Do not Repeat tweets.
    • Do not mention the same person / project too many times – this can be seen as spam and can get you banned from twitter.

    Started working on it. I like to invite
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    Done with post

    Nice. I hope I'll be able to participate, there's so much to do rn, we'll see.

    I appreciate your posting

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