Why I bought TASK tokens and a Special TASK for YOU!!!

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There was an airdrop of a small amount of TASK and as always, I became curious. I think that's the point of these tiny airdrops. :-)

I read the blurb and became even MORE curious. TASK. What task?


Huh, earn TASK tokens by completing tasks. Sounds easy enough. I think I could do that. I logged in with STEEM KEYCHAIN (easy-peezy) and began learning more.

Complete TASKS, Earn TASK Tokens

Not a whole lot of Tasks right now, but as this catches on, I expect this list will grow. I'm currently completing "Blog about TASK on SteemIt.com" so you are watching this initiative in ACTION!

Must BURN TASK to create a Task.

I thought this was ingenious. Inflation and devaluation is a big issue with these new tokens, they're easy to mint and most are fairly easy to acquire for very cheap. As more and more "sell" orders come in, the value of the token deflates as the number of tokens inflates. Inflation.

When creating a new task, you are required to burn TASK tokens. This creates immediate demand for the token, if you want to set up a task. Once the task is complete, the reward is not given until the task completion is verified by the TASK's hierarchy.

There are levels of tasks (and rewards, I'm sure) based on how many TASK tokens you posses. The more tokens you have, the higher up in the hierarchy you become. It only takes about 250 TASK to get to the top tier, but I'm sure that'll change over time. Right now, it's only 22 STEEM (currently less than $5.00 USD) to become a top tier. It will not always be like that.

Just like any Token, the more people buy the higher the value. There is great incentive to purchase TASK tokens, both because the value is likely to rise and also to assign useful tasks to people. Some ideas:

  • Click on advertisements\affiliate links
  • watch videos and comment
  • resteem steemit posts or retweet tweets
  • Download trial software
  • Answer various questions
  • etc etc

I'm sure people can come up with some good task ideas.

Tell Me What You Think!

With so many new initiatives and tokens, it's easy to get lost in all the buzz. The ones that actually have utility and a good burn rate are ones that will have lasting value. It's not enough to just create billions of coins, hand them out and expect them to keep their value! Need a faucet and a sink.

This token has a perfect faucet (completing tasks) and a sink (burning TASK to create a task).

Would you consider completing tasks for this new token? Would you be willing to purchase enough of this token to create your own task for people to complete? Let me know in the comments below!

Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of four wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Steemit enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!

Here's YOUR Task!

Every parent is tasked with the job of teaching their children to love truth and not be deceived by the system. My task for you is to check out the "Tuttle Twin" Books. They are children's educational books, based on libertarian philosophy, teaching children non-aggression, free market economics, benefits of homeschooling, self-determination, independence and the entrepreneurial drive for success.

For a limited time, use coupon code forty for 40% off your purchase! Check out the books here.

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Thanks to @heimindanger for burning 300 CT! You have been rewarded with a 80% vote. Your action makes this project grow and helps to restore a Clean Planet! Join us on our Discord Channel and on our website

Thank you @heimindanger, your 300 CT destruction was not in vain. It's well appreciated.

Thank you for talking about TASK! And burning clean token = rewarding more to people who do the clean planet actions, so it's clearly not in vain

Dear @ironshield

I like that you're thinking about preventing inflation. I can easily see this platform being popular between all people looking for task, as Steemit is full of people trying to earn some $$$.

The problem I forsee is lack of those who would actually need someone to do job for them. And even if they do - why couldn't they pay in STEEM?

Those are serious questions. After all it does look like most TASK tokens that would end up being burned would be those tokens required while creating new task. That wouldn't create that much demand.

So one more important question: what about supply? would it be increasing or would supply be fixed?

ps. Would you also plan to launch your own tribe with your own front-end? Or would you rather avoid doing that?


Thank you for your thoughtful comment and questions. I would direct these questions to @heimindanger, the Creator of TASK.

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Thank you for your prompt reply @ironshield and for introducing me to @heimindanger


Current supply is around 100K. Most of it is inside the @curator distribution bot currently. I plan to keep the circulating supply as low as possible. Basically I'm gonna print to the distribution bot whenever it runs out. BUT, the way I coded the pricing function, the burns should be more or less equal to the prints, so the supply shouldn't evolve too much. Probably if some people hold the token and don't let it circulate, the supply will have to grow, but that's absolutely not the concept, I don't want to have a 50M market cap on this, I just want a tool to be able to coordinate efforts of the community. Oh and yeah the max theorical supply is 500B, so even if we'd burn 1M TASKs per day, you'd live long enough to not see the end of the token.

Why would they pay in STEEM if you can pay in TASK? Converting TASK to STEEM takes 3 seconds! Also there would be no possibility of hierarchy system with STEEM. Here I'm sure to have active TASKers in the hierarchy, doing the verification tasks, and making sure the website runs fine.

TASK isn't a tribe, it won't focus on proof-of-brain. It's just a token you use for quick daily earnings, or if you have TASK ideas to give to others you can pay them to do it. I agree the hard part will be finding people willing to burn TASK to create jobs, but I find it already worth it for DTube. I paid about 3-4 STEEM to try it out to get contents on DTube's social pages and it seems to work pretty well. I think Medium/YouTube/Twitter type tasks work really well for the current price.

But I have great hopes that other people find new types of interesting and worthwhile tasks. Just find an idea, and put it as a Custom Task. Feel free to try it with a lot number of repetitions for a test...

Dear @heimindanger

I would like to thank you for your kind and valuable comment. I wasn't aware that you're behind this project.

We had some clashes before and I'm fully aware that I upseted you with my memos in the past, however I hope we can forget about those days and move on. I really will keep my fingers crossed for your project. It does look like you did think it through.

Again, appreciate your time.


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Howdy sir ironshield! This looks like an interesting one, I hope it lasts!