Are Electric Tasers Actually Legal?

in #taser6 years ago

Tasers have considerably increased in popularity the past decade, as the crime rate went up almost in every corner of the world. More and more people are purchasing these rather dangerous gadgets, of which the majority in self-defense purposes.


Potential Danger Posted by Tasers

Nevertheless, Tasers can be used both for self-defense as well as for attacking and temporarily paralyzing someone. Letting aside the dangers implied by the electrical discharge install into the human body, this type of weapons also falls out of the law’s rate of acceptance when it comes to civilian possession and usage. Each human body is different from another and depending on factors such as age, level of health and previous or current medical conditions, an unexpected electrical shock may quite a couple of devastating effects. From strokes to heart attacks and even accidental death, simply wearing one can be considered a potential risk to others, regardless if it is used or not.

The Legal Point of View

Notice that their use is a crime, that will attract more than a fine, and just the mere handling of one can least to severe charges. The simple wearing of one will only be subjected to a fine, despite the fact that there are many other less dangerous forms of self-defense, such as personal siren song alarm. Under such circumstances, it's a little risky to have a Taser on you. Of course, in the case of legitimate defense you have every right to use it, but in most cases, apart from actually special ones, self-defense may result pretty hard to prove. The fact that the law says "use" is forbidden, not the port is highly debatable. In the same interpretation, you have the right to wear compressed air weapons, and only their use can be considered a crime, even though before everything a gun license would be needed.


Thus, many laws include a bunch of misconceptions such as unemployment benefits when one is capable of work, unlawful extinguishment of public lighting lamps, writing or drawing on walls, provocation or participation in scandals, refusal to leave a public place after closing hours and many such others.


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