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I was looking at Tarrus Riley songs and see one that
match the circumstances. Actually @reggaesteem is loaded
of his songs.
Today I found two that moved me.
It is a vibe with Anuhea

You can see they both blended well to deliver the tone needed.
Listening to this #jahm is like you are listening to the whole world
dancing with reggae.

The other one right at the beginning reminded of what happen 2009.
Maybe that was a way for us to forget but the records stay for a reason.
Love never fails.
Tarrus delivers always tha is why we always jahmming his songs in #reggaesteem.

Hear this :

Official music video from Tarrus' latest album - Contagious!

Get your copy here:

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And nice idea with "Love's Contagious" ;)
But yo, check the third revolution of medicine if you still believe in "infections"
It's german, but the Brave Browser gave my english "subtitles"
Stay wise ;)

Sweet song ;)

HAHA you alwasy find the JAHMs for the times.

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