Happy Tarot Tuesday for April 3rd, 2018!

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Now without further adieu, here's my reading for the upcoming week (beginning today, April 3rd, 2018) ...

Happy Tarot Tuesday, Steemians!

Here's a quick roundup on how I put this reading together every week -

I use my very old & extremely well-loved Universal Waite Smith Tarot Deck to draw the cards. Then, because the cards are definitely not ready for their closeup, I photograph the cards using my stand-in Radiant Deck. Oh, and yes - it's a new picture of the back of the cards every week.


On with the reading. Pick the card (or cards) that you're drawn to, then scroll to the bottom of this post for the card reveal and my short interpretation of what to expect in the upcoming week. If you're drawn to more than one, or want to use all three, go for it! 😊

April 3rd 2018, Back.jpg

Okay, you’ve picked your card (or cards), right?

So, a couple weeks ago, it occurred to me that since there are TONS of brilliant musicians here on Steemit, why not use one of the gazillion songs I fall in love with each day for my "Jeopardy Music"?

This week, I've actually managed to pick one that hasn't reached post payout yet! I'd already fallen in love with another song by this magical artist and originally planned to use it for today, even though it's two weeks out. But when I stumbled across this one a few days ago, I knew I'd save the other for another week, and use this gorgeousness instead.

As I was saying, now that you've decided on a card, or cards, while you're scrolling, please enjoy Morning Light (Original Song) by the incredibly talented and beyond sweetheart of a person, @yidneth...


"Dry your eyes, oh lost child,
No one heard you cry
Hold still, time might ease
Night can trick you when darkness brings
that old forgotten fear
It drinks you to the marrow, a load that doesn't allow
your feet to run away
And lies spread on lies, but no one seems to care,
at least it looks that way...
I know the sun will rise, and it will shine the same
for sinners and for saints...
I guess I have to learn
the lessons life may bring
the way that things can turn
Face your fate
even if it's unfair
there's no one you can blame
And lies spread on lies
and no one seems to care
at least it looks that way...
I know the sun will rise, and it will shine the same
for sinners and for saints...
oh Morning Light... don't delay!" ~ Priscilla Hernandez

Alrighty, here's the big reveal! Your card is...

drum roll


April 3rd 2018, Front.jpg

1. Three of Swords

Yikes! Every time I see this card as my daily, that’s the first word that pops into my head. Today is going to be a day of finding out things you really don’t want to hear, but in the end, they will be extremely healing. Like lancing a wound, you will get some pretty cutting truths, but at least you will finally have the facts, even if they aren’t the ones you want. Let the poison in your heart drain out, then you can begin to heal. Give yourself some time to wallow, listen to your favorite emo song (like Closure by Chevelle), then take a deep breath and move on.

2. Nine of Pentacles

Retreat from the world. You deserve a break today, so get up and get away, to ... nope, not that place. Unless, of course, you go grab a bag of Mickey D's and bring it someplace to enjoy in solitude because up next on the menu is, "Escape, with a side of pampering." It can be as fancy as a day of mani pedis and wine, or as simple as a quiet room with a great book (the chocolate and coffee go without saying). Indulge, indulge, indulge - plenty of time for reality tomorrow.

3. Two of Cups

Makes the world go 'round. While it's easy to see this is a card about love, what's not so obvious is that it also represents other relationships, not just the romantic one between two (or more) people. This could be a recent furry/feathered addition to the family, a passion for a creative process (writing, painting, knitting), or even something as simple as discovering a new favorite show to binge-watch (like Farscape or Jessica Jones). It's also a reminder that the first, most important love we should have is for ourselves. As the late, great Lucille Ball once said, "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."


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So, what did you think of your message? Feel free to shout out in the comment section with your thoughts, or any questions.

Bright blessings to you in the week ahead!

[NOTE - The graphics in this post were created via Canva, but the Tarot card pictures were taken by yours truly. Also posted on my WordPress blog - Free Tarot Card Reading for the Week of April 3rd 2018]


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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)


Thanks, @pixresteemer! 💜 📷

#3 - 2 of cups! love yourself first is definitely a message I could use to remember lol


Yeah, having a tough time with that one myself, @amariespeaks, so naturally this card keeps popping up for me...LOL

Breathing......breathing.....since this morning, before even seeing this card..... 1 ....
Also yes, @yidneth is pretty awesome! Gorgeous and extremely talented! :D


Yikes! See, I always say that - LOL! Lots of deep breaths, dear girl. Remember, this is a short term card, and the wound could already be in the process of healing. * hugs *

Hi @tracijork, thanks for the shout out and also for the compliment as a person :) wee blush! I actually found out I won the open mic :) I am thrilled :) wee!


You're very welcome, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's wicked awesome, and totally deserved, @yidneth!

Always fun to read these meanings!


Nine of Pentacles today. Good one! I need a rest today. Travel day tomorrow.


Sending lots of good travel juju to you and Sheila, @rwedegis!


Thank you! We could use all you can send!

Hmmm. I got the two of cups @traciyork. I'll have to ponder on that one. so many possibilities! 😊


Excellent, @gillianpearce! Happy pondering! 😊

Your reading and post gave me hope about a troubled situation when I picked #3! YAY! Thanks for the awesome pick me up!


You're very welcome, @whiteheart! It's a tough card to get sometimes, but I'm glad it gave you some hope. Sending lots of love & light your way! 💜