Tarot Tuesday May 19, 2020

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I hope you all had a great weekend. My family and I have been celebrating all weekend, as it was my birthday. We have been enjoying our time outside, that was my birthday gift, we redid our backyard. But enough about me lets get to the cards.

So here is today’s card pull I am using the Mystical Manga Deck by Rann with text by Barbara Moore. I will be doing a three-card pull and only pulling more for clarification. If you like this deck you can get it for yourself. Just click on the picture below.

What does the Universe need me to share?


First Card is the King of Wands:
Divinatory meaning: The King of Wands adores taking actions and making decisions, often in service of something larger than himself, perhaps a business, political activism, or volunteer coordination. He has the experience, authority, and means to execute exciting new ideas and is always on the lookout for opportunities. Sometimes his position in life requires that he settle down and take care of mundane responsibilities, but this makes him frustrated and cranky. His natural inclinations and skills are at their best when he is doing something.

Advice: Find a beneficial cause to give your energy and abilities to. Participate in something bigger than you are. Make a difference.

Second Card is the Ace of Coins:
Divinatory meaning: All of the aces are gifts, but his one is the luckiest of all. It is a seed containing all possibilities. Like in the image, it is a cornucopia of abundance waiting to manifest. The prosperity promised isn’t just about money, though. It is all physical bounty, including good physical health and fulfilling relationships. Like all seeds, it requires nurturing and the proper conditions in order to blossom.

Advice: Dream big and work hard. The Universe is handing you a metaphoric blank check. Invest it well.

Third Card is Knight of Cups:
Divinatory meaning: The Knight of Cups is the quintessential quester. He has a clear idea of his holy grail and is completely devoted to finding it no matter the cost. However, while the Knight of Wands is all about the chase and taking action, this knight’s commitment to dreamy ideals includes honoring the poetry and romance woven through daily life. He moves slower, yes, but his focus is just as intense, sometimes to the point of missing out on real life.

Advice: You know what your ideal is so don’t settle for less. Enjoy the journey but don’t get distracted.

This was a very interesting read. I had a very strong sense of deja vu. With all that we are going through now we really need to see where we can make a difference. Even if we don’t have lots to give the little things can really mean the world to someone. Don’t loose heart or sight of your dreams. Create a dream board and plan out what it is you truly wish to achieve. Then visualize how to get there. Don’t settle and stay on the course that you see yourself moving towards.

For myself I know that I want to be able to do more for those around me. So many things are changing and I feel like I really need to sit down myself and look at what it is that I want. One thing that I have learned during this time is that I don’t need as much as I thought I did. This has brought about more joy in my life. This is a big reason why I want to go over my own dreams and see what they really are. I used to settle and just let life sweep me along, but how can I allow myself to do that? It is something that I do not want to teach my kids. It is something that I have been working on for some time now.

Is there some way that you might be able to help or make a difference? Are you working to reach your dream? Do you find that you settle? I’d love to hear from you.

I hope that this reading has been helpful to you all. Please let me know if it has impacted you in any way. I’d love to hear from you. While doing this reading I am was listening to Spotify playlist Deep Focus. You can find me on Spotify under amrauthor. I hope you enjoy the music.

May your stars shine brightly upon you.

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