Tarot Reading September 8, 2017

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Woke up feeling odd,
shifting of energies,
Feel the waves of negativity tumble in like a tsunami, crash
Feel the pain, release the tears
Let it flow.. Let it Go
Thoughts haze my mind
What am I seeking?
How do I find my place in this world?
I shuffle my tarot deck,
Peace Peace Peace floods my mind
As I shuffle a fourth time, the cards become heavy and a card flies off the top
The Star
I end shuffling , Breathe deeply.

For today I chose a 17 Card Spread from a book, "How to Read Tarot"
This spread is the Celtic Cross plus 7 Other cards, a good spread to layout my concerns and thoughts and to give me some clarity.

Many Swords, Indicating mental troubles and problens.
Card 7 , Reversed 2 of Swords : Peace. Right now I am unsure of my place in life and struggle to stay balanced.
The Final 3 Cards (at the top) are my hopes / goals for the future.
Valour, The Chariot and Knight of Swords.
What I see from this is wanting to find strength to reign in my depression and gain control over mental conditions. To be successful, I need to take control of my life again and let go resentment from the past.
I have such hope for myself to be in tune with my higher self and grow spiritually in order to make change in the world.
But first I need to find peace within, and stop being so afraid of failure!

Thanks for reading! I am still learning Tarot and I find the best way is to write down the cards and look for underlying symbols and keywords to keep in mind.

Have a blissful day :)

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