Daily Tarot Reading | December 5, 2019 | "11 Day"

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"11 Day": Master Number of Service


2) The DEVIL


Tarot Summary: Three MAJOR arcana cards indicates MAJOR themes and ENERGIES today. You will likely wake up feeling SUCCESSFUL and POWERFUL and ENTITLED. However OTHER PEOPLE will likely be focused on THEMSELVES, so if you're looking for RECOGNITION FROM OTHERS, you're likely to be very disappointed.

The BEST use of these energies is to GO WITHIN and realize that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, and to glean your SELF WORTH and VALIDATION from inside rather than outside.

Today your BEST FRIEND IS YOU, and whatever spiritual practices you use, will ultimately allow you to CENTER YOURSELF, CONNECT TO SOURCE, and STAY CALM amidst the CHALLENGES and MINUTIA of the day.

Tarot Numerology: "4" Structure, Stability and Security is found by AVOIDING INSTANT GRATIFICATION and relentlessly pursuing a LIFESTYLE that continues to feed you and make you HAPPY and FULFILLED on a day to day basis.