Daily Tarot Reading | December 20 , 2019 | "8 Day"

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"8 Day": Strength, Power, Karma

1) KNIGHT of PENTACLES (Reverse)


3) TEN of CUPS (Reverse)

Tarot Summary: Not a good day to experiment with risky ventures. A good day to reflect on the FORGIVENESS you have to give. Remember that TRUE FORGIVENESS is a GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF because it allows you to FREE YOURSELF from burdens of the past that continue to weigh you down in the present.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated and remember that you are ONE and EQUAL with your perceived FRIENDS, just as much as your perceived ENEMIES, and most importantly, you are ONE and EQUAL with ALL as LIFE.

Tarot Numerology: "3" New Beginnings and Communication. Communicate today in POSITIVE ways that BUILDS BRIDGES rather than BURNS THEM.