Daily Tarot Reading | December 17 , 2019 | "5 Day"

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"5 Day": Freedom and Change


2) TWO of CUPS

3) THREE of CUPS (Reverse)

Tarot Summary: CHANGE, TRANSFORMATION and REBIRTH are evident energies to be managed when presented the DEATH card on a UNIVERSAL "5" day.
By ENDING what no longer serves you, it creates a VACCUM which can be filled by POSITIVE THINGS OF YOUR CHOOSING that ultimately move you closer to your FULL POTENTIAL and HIGHEST PURPOSE.

FACE YOURSELF COMPLETELY, and DECIDE WHICH AREAS OF YOUR LIFE ARE RIPE and SUITABLE FOR UPLEVELING. Remember that 2020 is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, So The Time To Start Designing Your New Year Is Upon You. Enjoy Every Breath. :)

Tarot Numerology: "9" Spirituality and Completion. Bringing an END to LIMITATIONS and STARTING FRESH with CLEAR GOALS, PASSIONS, DESIRES and PURPOSE that will allow you to begin fulfilling your LIMITLESS POTENTIAL as a SPIRITUAL BEING having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE.