Daily Tarot Reading | December 14, 2019 | "11 Day"

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"11 Day": Master Number of Service

1) The WORLD

2) QUEEN of PENTACLES (Reverse)


Tarot Summary: An opportunity to LEARN from all your PAST EXPERIENCE and APPLY the LESSONS to NEW SITUATIONS that will DEMONSTRATE YOUR WISDOM over the physical realm.

DECIDE CAREFULLY which thoughts you choose to entertain and WHAT IMPACT that line of thinking has had and WILL CONTINUE to have on your PATH and WELLBEING.

You are the RESULT of YOUR COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS. Choose WISELY that which you THINK and BELIEVE to be TRUE.

Tarot Numerology: "11" Master Number of Service. Double "11's" (11:11 Gateway) A powerful opportunity to WALK THROUGH THE GATEWAY INTO YOUR NEW LIFE, BY SHEDDING YOUR OLD LIMITING WAYS of THINKING and BEING.