Get a free Tarot Card reading!

in tarot •  2 years ago

I have been learning the tarot and need some people to practice on!

If you would like a free reading please post your question below and let me see what comes up for you, then you can tell me what you think!

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Sorry, I forgot to mention you need to be over 18 to have a reading

My daughter's bat mitzvah is in November, when she turns 13. How will it turn out? Specifically she has to read a passage from the Torah (The Jewish Bible) in Hebrew in front of the congregation, and that's not easy to do. I am trying to help her learn her Torah portion and I want her to do a good job reading it in front of the congregation but I'm worried she won't do well. This is likely unnecessary worry on my part, I hope she will do fine.

I used to do Tarot card readings too. If you post the results, mention me so that people can follow me. I would like to know what cards I get and what spread you use.

Thanks in advance! Tarot is Cool!