Bait Your Fish. Target Marketing for Entrepreneurs

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Fish won't bite your line simply because you put one out there. Fish bite because of the bait you choose.  Some of the bait is actually a carefully crafted lure that attracts then hooks the fish, allowing it to be taken as the reward for the effort. 

Fishing is an interesting sport.  My dad is a fisherman.  I grew up being dragged along for babysitting purposes, so he could enjoy his pastime.  Of course, he would try to get me to be as excited about the sport as he was, but I did not find any fun in handling worms, or seeing fish get hurt, or the casting for hours with nothing to show. I did learn a lot of valuable life lessons though.  Trudy Beerman by Trudy Beerman 

"Bait your line for the fish you want to catch. The bigger the bait, the bigger the catch." Trudy Beerman

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"Fish for people". That is the end result of your entrepreneurial effort is for OTHERS.   Your message, product, or program is for the benefit of OTHERS, or it should be.  No matter how awesome your offer, unless it is positioned to the right audience it will go untouched.  If you are fishing for shrimp the strategy is very different than the strategy for catching sharks. Similarly, if your ideal market is the stay-at-home-mom, then your graphics, writing, and call to action will be very different from trying to sell the same product to a retired, world traveling couple.  

There is a perfect market for what you offer and thinking your product is for everyone will kill your results because there really is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.  You may have even noticed big budget TV ads will present the same product in slightly varying commercials.  In one, they show a mature couple, in another a young Hispanic family, and even another, a 40 something African American couple, all enjoying this product.  Each version of the ad is specific to the audience they intend it to resonate with because the mature couple will ignore the ad featuring the young family - even though the product is useful to them.

Your bait is your irresistible offer that your audience cannot ignore, but first you must identify your audience.  The tighter the group the more specific the bait and the better the potential for conversions.

If you have been throwing out a bait-less line and hoping people will magically spend their money with you, then you need an urgent reality check.   Do not give up.  Your family is depending on you.  Reading this post to this point proves you have a desire to learn how to bait your fish, and finally attract your perfect audience to your offer.

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Hey @trudy-beerman! Great to see you here. Thanks for sharing!

Your point about target marketing is well taken. It takes time to firmly identify your ideal client, but it sure can make a difference in the clarity of your message as well as your results.

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