Tazewell County Animal Rescue Coalition (TARC) & Amazon

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Would you help @tarc (along with many other steemians) rescue abused animals, just by doing what you are all ready doing?

What can I do...

You may be wondering what I am going on about. Well, it is shopping. If you shop using Amazon, you can support @tarc every time you make a purchase.

Source: Computer Screenshot from Sargento's Computer

How Do I Set it up?

Pretty easy actually, just click the link or image above to be taken to Amazon Smile. Log in as you would normally do (always check links in the address bar and be sure that you are actually at Amazon Smile). Just go from there.

Here is an answer to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Amazon Smile...


So if you want to help, here you go. Just another way to make your world a better place. I hope you will tell all your friends and acquaintances about the puppies, and how you can help them to find a new home.

DISCLAIMER: I have not provided affiliate links and receive no payment for this post from Amazon or anyone else for that matter. All links, to the best of my knowledge, which I have provided link directly to the Amazon Website. I am not an employee of Amazon or TARC and my affiliation with the @tarc charity is that of a supporter only. Any questions about Tazewell County Animal Rescue Coalition (TARC) should be directed to @rhondak or @tarc .

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This is EXCELLENT, @sgt-dan . I'm going to share this on the TARC Facebook page and everywhere else I can think of. THANK YOU!!!


You are more than welcome. Pet the puppies for me and tell them they are all good boys and girls. Tell them that @sgt-dan was once unwanted too.

I would say give Glory a hug, but from what I have heard from you she can be like @shadowspub in that area, really not a hugger.

Yay Sarge! Thanks for this. Fabulous reminder! :)


You are more than welcome. With everything going on in our lives, we can all use a reminder now and again. Thank you for all you do for the community. Appreciate ya kiddo!

I am a big time Amazon shopper and I have used smile since it came out but I just switched mine to Tarc


Good man. By the way, @molovelly has been very busy with her business and is not ignoring people, so from her a big hello and hug (I have known @molovelly since are activist days, and she definitely is a hugger)!


Thanks and send hugs back her way

wish my VP was more but full Upvote for @rhondak and the wonderful @sgt-dan
thank you all for collectively making Steemit a better place and less "sharky"


My VP ain't been 100% in a coon's age, no offense @rhondak and Glory. It is just an expression!

You have been my mentor and heroine since I joined STEEM and our meeting in STEEMSPEAK. You still are the most loving yet formidable woman I know on this platform.

L'Chaim (To Life)

I love you sarge you rock!


You rock harder!

Is this Tazewell county in Illinois? I'm in McLean County, but lived in Peoria and rescued an animal (still have her) 10 years ago.


No @michaelluchies. This rescue is in Tazewell County Virginia. Still worth supporting though.

I live in Pennsylvania and do what I can here, but @rhondak is in a battle with the locals and needs all the support she can get!

I love Amazon Smile, and I'm really glad you brought that service to the attention of Steemit.

Alas, I have had mine set up for Charity Water, a clean water initiative that is near and dear to my heart.

I certainly think it would be a great idea for people to support your shelter. I support my local shelter, and it's where I got my beloved doggy.

Thanks for a great post and for your passion for the animals. I appreciate it!