Tao of Disc Dog | Learning vs Performance

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You Can Learn It or Perform It But You Can't Do Both

Performance and learning are often at odds. Performance is the output of knowledge and skill and learning is the input. Performance shows while learning seeks. Mistakes are the way of learning yet unacceptable in performance.

It is best to handle them one at a time. If you are performing, train and think between reps. If you are training or learning, performance is not the concern.

Trying to perform and learn at the same time is a recipe for disaster. How can you demonstrate a skill you are trying to learn? You can perform or you can learn, but you can't do both.

Focus on a key movement or concentration on a particular skill is often required while learning, but the mind should remain clear, still, and quiet – thoughts about catches, doubts about waits or the trigger, fears about landings – all that needs to go still and quiet. Limit focus to key, affirmative criteria and get on with it.

While performing, enjoy the moment, feel the connection, read the dog, and execute.

Tao of Disc Dog

Excerpts from the Tao of Disc Dog by Ron Watson

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